francesca flore

My love and passion for nature with all its infinitely mysterious forms and colours was always a driving force behind my ambitions.
I was very blessed in my life to have the opportunity to explore virgin places of my choice in a world where artificial lighting was never able to obscure the beauty of a Magical night Sky packed with flickering Stars.
My professional career as an Engineer made me feel passionate about technical design and 3D printing. However in the past few years I put aside my passion and like many other working stereotypes in my profession I was forever chasing time!
It was then when I strongly felt the desire for change and the need to give new direction to my life , use my time more selectively and as such focusing on matters that were closer to my heart.
It was at this point that I made a decision to merge my scientific sole with my creative nature which remained sensitive to the beauties of nature.

This was when FLORE treeD was born!

After a period of exhaustive analysis and research on materials with a zero carbon footprint that did not have an adverse impact on nature and environment by using only materials with a PLAeco classification driven from corn sugars, beetroot, sugarcane and other natural biodegradable products in all my creations i distanced myself from any petroleum or traditional plastic based products.
Passion for design , innovative sole, respect for environment and nature are all at the very core of what FLORE treeD stands for.
Share my passion and participate in taking the beauty of nature all over the world.



Calle Periodista Llorente
46009, Valencia


Cda Fiorentino
72017, Ostuni